Drumbeat Step #3- FYE Project! | April 1, 2011


Looks like we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the year.  Graduation looms and it casts quite the large shadow on outpatients with SENORITIS.  Thinking about the whole process of transitioning to different stages of our scholastic life really helps me formulate some ideas for my FYE-Wiki project.  As with all our projects in respect to our learning journal, we use the Five Dance Steps for a Drumbeat as a means to assess our progress.

gratuitous photo of Andrew Jackson

Our Wiki project is a means by which students can manifestation online version of their community.  This prospective Wiki will allow our students to interact with the community as a means to gain experience.  These experiences will all be posted together, with students being able to edit articles and create portals for different aspects of the community.  We have solidified this axiom and understand that there will need to be a set of established tools as a means to create our project in a cohesive manner.

Well…It seems pretty simple on the nature of the tools we need.  As with any new stage of life it is always preferential to create new methods for networking.  For incoming students on the level of higher education Facebook solves this problem.  We feel that Facebook is a communicable tool that is vastly popular amongst our target audience.  This tool will be used as a means to update students and generate indicative signs on how we can streamline and fine-tune how the FYEWiki will be presented.  Another communication tool that is advantageous for use is Twitter, as we can manipulate hashtags to increase popularity outside of our community.

As this project is centered around our community, I feel as though the nature of the community will be our most valuable tool.  With students and faculty contributing to this Wiki, I feel as though it will give our Wiki a chance to grow both in the physical and virtual world.



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