Drumbeat Step #3- Personal Project | March 23, 2011

Well we’ve agreed that the best method by which we can assess our learning is to relate our two biggest projects to The Five Dance Steps for a Drumbeat.  This update may be a little late but I’ve been needing a bit of time to refine my individual project, being an interactive web forum in which users can bring their experiences with Ultimate Frisbee into a collective.

Step #3 entails the tools in which one would use in order to make your idea much more dynamic.  The web page gives both an analogy of a superhero utility belt and a Swiss Army knife (impartial to the whole Swiss thing, they make better chocolate).  I do enjoy the way in which one could use a “superhero utility belt”, as it shows that although one can have a great idea(super powers) it must be supplemented with an array of tools to account for weaknesses within the hero (Batmobile? pretty sure Bruce Wayne isn’t the Flash, therefore he needs a super awesome concept car to get around with relative ease)

intriguing and aesthetically pleasing

equally intriguing and aesthetically pleasing

It also took me awhile to really think about some tools that would help enhance the idea, spirit, and vigor of my idea and how it would be perceived by my viewers and followers.  I spent spring break in Georgia for High Tide 2011, a really fun tournament in which i was able to network with some players.  I see this as an example for which I can gauge my audience and their relative needs.  I will be playing four more tournaments during the Spring and see this as a chance to really gain contact with my prospective market in earnest.

I also found networking to be a strong fabric that held together the Ultimate community.  While at various tournaments I have seen athletic-wear companies like Spin Ultimate, who have gained a modest following through appearing as a grassroots, localized company that has emerged from the Southern U.S. and into a larger framework.  As I researched and spent time on their website I realized that they had pushed Facebook as a means to carry over their popularity.  I can see this as a valuable tool as accessing a social networking site allows one to find a very specific audience with willing individuals among a sea of other interactions.

Chad Harris has annotated much of my first two steps and had relayed to me the idea of expanding my general idea while specifying my audience.  With the use of Facebook and networking I feel as though I will be able to gauge my proto-audience, as I really am undecided on where I would like to go with this project.  There will be some sort of forum, or a means of communication.  I’m just really indecisive on how much content I would like to be generated by my audience and how much of it will be filtered, and the relationship between the two and the culture of Ultimate Frisbee players.


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